downgrading otak???


sejak penyusunan tesis juli 2010 kemaren,, it seems that my brain begin to experiencing a little bit down grade since i never use it to think anymore geezz..
i wrote nothing, i solve nothing, alas almost do nothing using my brain

all the resolution such as learning nihon-go during fasting month, and learning hangeul during spare time just vaporizing T.T. not to mention how the mission to keep updating this blog weekly being fail *sigh*

when i pursuing my master degree, i hold my self not to having fun such as watching suju too often, reading comics from dusk till dawn, comes to mbak demaz room everyday, reading novels all day long, going to the mall, playing fun games and so on.

i try to hold all the fun and enjoying all the suffer during mny thesis, promising my self to have fun as much as i can when the thesis already done.

i did it all. and start from the graduation day on 28th August, i never touch a textbook. i begin to watch the movies i already miss, buy a lot of novels and comics, download so many suju and 2pm variety shows, watch them every day since the daylight until late late midnigt, playing games until my eyes pop out, going to shopping from mall to itc, sleeping too much, and of course being lazy

just like adachi sensei’s drawing. now, i fall a sleep rigth after opening a book T.T

and this moment i think this is too much. and i already pass the have fun bar limit. i realize it when it tooks me so long to understand al ries book.
i don’t know whether the book writer is lame,the transtlator don’t know how to interprete the english in this book, or my brain began to experiencing down grade, or it could probably all this three factor dost exist and related. whatever it is, it doesn’t seems fun.
not to mention that it takes me so long to write a report and continue the a program proposal.

even my unread blackswan book now becoming a netbook pad 😦

am i getting stupid?
i have to begin to use and stimulate my brain before it going to damaged T.T


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